2019 Bioone Ambassador award Winners

BioOne honors early career authors who best communicate the importance and impact of their specialized research to the public. Effective communication is fundamental to ensuring the use of scientific information to make informed, evidence-based decisions. BioOne invited nominated individuals  to submit plain-language summaries of their work, explaining the impact to the public at large. BioOne recognized the below five individuals for their clarity and creativity. Click on each winner's name to view their summary and learn more about their research and career.

Now in its second year, BioOne’s Ambassador Award was created to spotlight rising scholars in their specialties and generate a wider interest in recent scientific research from our publishing partners. Each winner receives a $1,000 award and wide dissemination of their research.

BioOne proudly showcases this new generation of researchers.


The American Malacological Society offers multiple awards to students conducting research in the field of malacology, including the Constance Boone award for best student presentation, and the Melbourne R. Carriker student research award.

The 2019 call for applications for the Carriker student research award are now open! Find out more information here.


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