AMS 2022

AMS 2022 was held jointly with World Congress of Malacology, August 1-6 2022 in Munich, Germany. Please see the WCM Conference Page for more information.

Thank you to all members who joined us in Munich this year and stay tuned for information about next AMS 2023.


The American Malacological Society offers multiple awards to students conducting research in the field of malacology, including two presentation awards: the Constance Boone Award for Best Student Presentation and Charlie Sturm Award for Best Student Presentation on Bivalves; and two research awards: the Melbourne R. Carriker Student Research Award and Richard E. Petit Student Research Award for Revisionary Taxonomy and Systematics of Mollusks.

Applications for student research awards are due on March 31st. See information about the application process here

Statement on Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity (May 2021)

Members of the American Malacological Society spend their lives studying and appreciating the wonderful diversity of form, function and ecological breadth of mollusks. We recognize that certain aspects of malacological research and collections have benefitted from historical associations with colonization and systems of oppression, such as slavery, and that societies such as AMS, have not been equally accessible to all people. We acknowledge this history and commit to the future of our Society by finding and supporting the next generation of malacologists with this in mind, as we look to advance our field through an inclusive lens. AMS welcomes all malacologists regardless of culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, nation of origin, age, languages spoken, veteran’s status, religion, or disability. We expect our members to respect the diverse perspectives that come together at our meetings and take every opportunity to help the Society become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive through recruiting, supporting and encouraging new people of all backgrounds.


All members of the American Malacological Society have access to digital editions of the American Malacological Bulletin as part of their membership. 

Further information about the AMB can be found here: American Malacological Bulletin

Members-only access to the AMB can be found here (login required): AMB Access


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