The American Malacological Society (est. 1931)

The American Malacological Union, now the American Malacological Society, was founded in 1931 chiefly through the organizing efforts of Norman W. Lermond, a New England farmer, utopian community founder, Socialist Party politician, and amateur naturalist. Although a national organization of malacologists had long been discussed, Lermond undertook correspondence with amateur and professional malacologists throughout the country, and eventually gathered the names of 192 persons interested in forming an organization. Its first meeting was held on April 30-May 2, 1931, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with 29 attendees from 12 states. Its first president was Henry A. Pilsbry of Philadelphiaâs Academy of Natural Sciences.

In 1997, an Internet presence was established with the introduction of a "home page" accessible via the World Wide Web to anyone with access to the Internet. Early fall of 1998, the membership voted to change the name of the organization from the American Malacological Union (AMU) to the American Malacological Society (AMS). In 1931 the choice of the word "Union" was appropriate as the organization was a group of professionals, a union of shell clubs, and individual amateurs. Over the years the word "Union" evolved to refer to trade and labor groups. The word "Union" presented problems for treasurers in establishing banking arrangements and for Presidents seeking outside funding for various functions of the organization. The name change brought the organization more in line with comparable societies with a better understanding of its focus, goals, and activities.

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American Malacological Society: Statement on Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity (May 2021)

Members of the American Malacological Society spend their lives studying and appreciating the wonderful diversity of form, function and ecological breadth of mollusks. We recognize that certain aspects of malacological research and collections have benefitted from historical associations with colonization and systems of oppression, such as slavery, and that societies such as AMS, have not been equally accessible to all people. We acknowledge this history and commit to the future of our Society by finding and supporting the next generation of malacologists with this in mind, as we look to advance our field through an inclusive lens. AMS welcomes all malacologists regardless of culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, nation of origin, age, languages spoken, veteran’s status, religion, or disability. We expect our members to respect the diverse perspectives that come together at our meetings and take every opportunity to help the Society become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive through recruiting, supporting and encouraging new people of all backgrounds.

Council and Committees 

Council (2021-2022)

Ken Hayes


Kevin Kocot

Vice President
Patrick Krug

Amanda Lawless

Elizabeth Shea


Michael Middlebrooks

David Zanatta

Tricia Goulding

Committee Chairs*

Rüdiger Bieler

Jay Cordiero

Elizabeth Berg-Davis

* non-voting council positions


Past President
Tim Rawlings

Past President <10 Years
Tom Duda

Past President >10 Years
Frank "Andy" Anderson

Publications Editor
Wallace "Marty" Meyer 

Managing Editor

Kevin Roe

Councilor-at-Large (Student)

Theresa Rose Osborne

Editors of the Newsletter*

Tim Pearce

Christine Parent

Committees (2021-2022)

Annual Meeting Committee 2022

Ken Hayes, Chair

Annual Meeting Committee 2023

Kevin Kocot, Chair

Nominating Committee

Paula Mikkelsen, Chair

Liz Shea

Elizabeth Davis-Berg

Endowment Review
Rüdiger Bieler, Chair
Alan J. Kohn
José Leal

Elizabeth Davis-Berg, Chair

Tim Rawlings

Chris Hobbs

Student Awards and Education
Tom Duda, Chair

Kathryn Perez

Tricia Goulding

Chandra Earl


Auditing and Budget
Kevin Kocot, Chair
Patrik Krug

Jay Cordeiro, Chair

Special Gifts Review Committee
Rüdiger Bieler

Tom Duda

Liz Shea

Wallace Marty Mayer, Chair
Liz Shea 
Amanda Lawless
Ken Hayes
Kevin Roe
Tim Pierce
Christine Parent

Chris Hobbs

Ken Hayes, Chair

Ellen Strong

John Slapcinsky

Resolutions and Recognition
Paula M. Mikkelsen, Chair

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