Constance Boone Award For Best Student Presentation

Every year the American Malacological Society hosts a competition for the best student presentations made at the Society’s annual meeting. Students’ oral and poster contributions are evaluated based on several criteria (see below). Winners receive the Constance Boone award. The award is named for the late Constance Boone, a past president of the Society, past president of the Houston Conchological Society, and co-editor of Texas Conchologist. A long-time associate in the Malacology Department of the Houston Museum of Natural Science and a strong supporter of students, Constance was a vital force in American Malacology. 

Competitors for this award

  • Must be a student at or have graduated from a degree-granting program (or high school) within six months immediately prior to the meeting’s registration deadline
  • Must be the primary author of the presentation and must have completed the majority of the work that is featured in the presentation.
  • Must have their advisor provide a brief letter of support that (i) confirms that the student meets the above eligibility criteria and (ii) indicates individual contributions of authors in the case of multi-authored presentations.
  • Must be an AMS member at the time of registration (can become a member during registration). This requirement will typically be waived during joint meetings as long as the student is a member of one of the host societies.
  • Must indicate their willingness to compete for an award when their abstract is submitted.

Posters and oral presentations will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Context (e.g., provides background/motivation for the study)
  • Originality and Approach (e.g., presents original hypotheses/ideas and appropriate methodologies)
  • Completeness (e.g., utilizes sufficient sample sizes and analyses for making inferences from results)
  • Depth of knowledge (e.g., frames results in a broader context)
  • Performance (e.g., materials presented are clear and well explained, visuals engage the audience, good design of slides/poster, addresses questions well)
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