Dolores “Dee” (Saunders) Dundee (1927-1985) contributed to AMS throughout her career, serving as its President in 1973 and Publications Editor from 1976 to 1982 and assisting in the organization of annual meetings of AMS in New Orleans in 1964 and 1982. Her research largely focused on aspects of the biology of land snails and the spread of introduced species. AMS recently received a generous gift from the estate of Dee’s late husband that is to be used to support malacological research and that honors her contributions to malacology and the Society. The Dee Saunders Dundee Memorial Research Grant – Malacology Research Award is a research award that aims to support research projects of graduate students, postdoctoral research associates, and early career malacologists who are from groups that are underrepresented in the field. The award will provide approximately $1500 to exceptional proposals each year.



  • The award specifically seeks applicants who are graduate students, postdoctoral research associates, or early career malacologists (i.e., within the first three years of their first position) at a US institution who self-identify as being a member of a group that is underrepresented in malacology (e.g., members of various ethnic groups, sexual orientations, and gender identities).
  • Awardees are encouraged to present the results of their research at an annual meeting of the American Malacology Society.
  • The applicant must be a current member of the American Malacological Society. To join, please visit: 
  • Institutional overhead is not permitted.
  • The research must focus on a topic in malacology (e.g., parasite studies should focus on the molluscan side of the interaction).

Recipients of awards are expected to submit the following to AMS's Student Awards and Education Committee within one year of the award date: (i) a report that describes how funds were used and (ii) a brief summary of the research and results to be published in the AMS Newsletter. Awardees may apply for additional awards only after these written reports have been received.


Applications must be received by AMS's Student Awards Committee by March 31st and include the following components:

  1. A two-page summary of the proposed research, including a title, goal(s), methods, literature cited, and a research budget. If necessary, the Literature Cited section may occupy a third page.

  2. CV of applicant.

  3. One letter of recommendation. For students and postdoctoral research associates, the letter must be written by the advisor and in the case of students must specifically indicate that the student is currently enrolled in an accredited college or university. For early career malacologists, the letter can come from their postdoctoral or graduate advisor or a colleague.

  4. All application materials must be sent via email to the chair of the Student Awards and Education Committee, Tom Duda. Applicants should attach a single electronic file (Word document or pdf) containing the summary of the proposal and their CV. Please title the filename with the applicant’s last name underscore “AMS” (e.g. Jones_AMS.doc). The letter of recommendation must be received directly from the letter writer via email.

The letter of support must be received directly from the letter writer via email.

Students should indicate in their email if they are also eligible to apply for the Melbourne R. Carriker Student Research Award in Malacology and/or Richard E. Petit Student Research Award for Revisionary Taxonomy and Systematics of Mollusks.



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