2,400 Years of Malacology

by Eugene V. Coan and Alan R. Kabat

This compilation provides a comprehensive catalog of biographical and bibliographical publications for over 27,000 malacologists, conchologists, paleontologists and others with an interest in molluscs, from Aristotle to the present. For each person, the birth/death years and nationality are given (when known), followed by bibliographic citations to the literature about that person and his/her collections and publications. Appendices provide citations to (1) publications on oceanographic expeditions and other natural history expeditions that resulted in the collection and description of molluscs; (2) histories of malacological institutions and organizations; (3) histories and compendia of dates of publication of malacological journals and of journals frequently cited in malacological publications, such as those of the Zoological Society of London; and (4) a decoding of name abbreviations found in early literature. Three Annexes provide collations for many molluscan serial works and journals.


Main file:


Annex 1- Books


Annex 2- Kuster


Annex 3- Journals

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